Putting food (and Much MOre) into the hands of our Jewish neighbors.

Putting Food (and much more) into the hands of our jewish neighbors

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The Cleveland Chesed Center is committed to ensuring that individuals and families in the Jewish community are provided with basic necessities including food, household supplies, and clothing, all while respecting their dignity and privacy.


Our food distribution program is still fully operational.  If you or someone you know are in need of food, please contact us today.  We have moved all distributions to a drive- through, no-contact model in the rear of our building.  Contact the office today for more information. 

Our Mission

In need of assistance?

Together, we distributed food to over 550 families for Passover, including:

12,000+ pounds of proteins

1,400+ pounds of dairy products

12,000+ pounds of produce

1,500+ pounds of Matzah

2,200 bottles of grape juice

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