Cleveland Chesed Center

"Thank you for graciously giving of your whole heart, soul, and resources at the Chesed Center. You are an answer to my prayers. In my hour of need you mercifully give delicious food and excellent household products. May Hashem bless you with shalom, simcha, and prosperity."

"The Chesed Center did a chesed for me and my family in the truest sense of the word. The first time I went to the Chesed Center it was with a lot of embarrassment and shame. However, I was greeted with a warm smile and the assurance that everything would be handled with the utmost confidentiality. Each time I visited, I felt like my dignity was able to remain intact. The household goods, pantry items and fresh produce really helped my family when things were tight. Thank you so much to the Chesed Center and to all those who work there for helping out with warmth and sensitivity!"

"This place is such a gift and it is run with so much love and care."

"The Chesed Center has given me unconditional support without feeling embarrassed that our family has a need for assistance and I am very grateful for the community who is supporting this great Chesed."



Putting food (and Much MOre) into the hands of our Jewish neighbors.

​​​"I have been fortunate to receive assistance with food and furniture.   

Life sometimes throws us into situations that we have no control over.  The Chesed Center has made my life better. The food I receive has enabled me to have good meals again.  It has provided me with clothing and furniture.   

I am no longer afraid where my next meal is coming from.  

I'm grateful to have this amazing place and the people that run it in my life.  

I've learned there is no shame in asking for help.  I feel whole again.   

Thank you Cleveland Chesed Center for all you do."